Top 20 YouTube Motivational Speakers

These speakers cover a wide range of topics, from personal development and self-improvement to entrepreneurship and leadership. Their speeches and presentations on YouTube have inspired millions of people around the world, providing valuable insights and tools to help them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

  1. Tony Robbins – 1.86 million subscribers
  2. Simon Sinek – 1.19 million subscribers
  3. Gary Vaynerchuk – 3.13 million subscribers
  4. Jay Shetty – 8.67 million subscribers
  5. Tom Bilyeu – 4.97 million subscribers
  6. Tim Ferriss – 1.83 million subscribers
  7. Lewis Howes – 1.17 million subscribers
  8. Grant Cardone – 2.07 million subscribers
  9. Eric Thomas – 1.14 million subscribers
  10. Jim Rohn – 735K subscribers
  11. Brendon Burchard – 1.82 million subscribers
  12. Zig Ziglar – 287K subscribers
  13. Bob Proctor – 542K subscribers
  14. Les Brown – 878K subscribers
  15. Brian Tracy – 390K subscribers
  16. Robin Sharma – 538K subscribers
  17. Mel Robbins – 630K subscribers
  18. Jocko Willink – 732K subscribers
  19. Lisa Nichols – 306K subscribers
  20. Inky Johnson – 146K subscribers

It’s worth noting that some of these speakers have multiple channels or may be more active on other platforms, such as Instagram or TikTok, which can also have a significant impact on their overall reach and influence.





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